Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Winter Wife by Anna Campbell

     Anna Campbell is one of my favorite people, that I follow, on Facebook, Twitter, and the fictional site Possum Wranglers Anonymous. Yet, I have a secret, I haven't read her books. Why? I have a mountain of books that I want to read is one possible explanation. The other reason is that what if we aren't a good reader/writer match, and it disturbs the delicate  balance of the universe? 
     I started following Anna Campbell on Twitter because of her effervescent online personality, and her insider’s knowledge of marsupials. What if I read her books, and suddenly things aren't the same? 

      So, though I have books of hers to read on the TBR (to be read) mountain, I had yet to read anything of hers, aside from blog entries and her favorite things updates.  Then she released the novella The Winter Wife: A Christmas Novella and I had no problem adding it to my kindle. The question was then, would I actually read it?

      The other night I woke up at three in the morning and could not fall back to sleep, so I picked up the kindle and there was The Winter Wife. I wanted to read a romance, as I had recently tried to read a paranormal that was so scary, that it was giving me nightmares. The Winter Wife appeared to offer the perfect antidote.
      The characters in The Winter Wife are likable, and the story completely engaging. I was happy to meet Sebastian and Alicia at this stage of their relationship, and not earlier when they were first married.  Anna Campbell manages to craft a reunion tale, that includes the couples tumultuous past but the story is not bogged down by it. I really enjoyed Anna’s story telling voice, and I was thrilled to find that we were a writer/reader match after all. The Winter's Wife is a quick read, and the universe seems to have remained in one piece, so I imagine it is safe to tackle the rest of her books as well. There is an excerpt from SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE'S BED, after the novella.
     The Winter Wife: A Christmas Novella, is available in eBook format, at Amazon and Smashwords at a price that is less than a cup of coffee. 
     Follow Anna Campbell on Twitter, and Facebook, and be warned that she is going through a bit of a cat lady stage. 
     Do you have a favorite author, on social media, that you haven't read - yet?