Friday, August 26, 2016

Creativity and Doodling

It seems important to create something every day. Something small or big, fierce or timid, and using whatever media comes to mind. I like to doodle. I have been thinking about using the things that I already have, and not going out and getting the next best thing. One thing most computers used to have was the paint program. I am sure I do not use it as much as I could. I used the paint program that came with the computer, and set forth to doodle. I don't use paint for much, which seems a shame, so I gave it a whirl

I can remember being publicly called out about my doodling in eighth grade. My teacher pinned my notes that were filled with doodle flowers to the front chalk board. Mr.Smartypants made some remark  along the lines that it looked like I was learning a lot in his class.

Oddly enough, I have since read that doodling while listening actually does engage the brain, so I would have to say that Mr.Smartypants was wrong in his assumption that I was not learning.

His pinning the doodles to the front of the class, really didn't stop me from doodling and Mr. Smartypants wasn't really an awful person. He just missed an opportunity to encourage, but we all miss those opportunities.

Go forth and doodle.

Doodles made with paint program and a mouse.

What am I reading?
Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn. It it sooooo good. Awesome characters, and interesting interpersonal relationships plus . . . demons.  Love the cover too. 

What am I listening to on audio?
Ugh. I have been in an audio-book slump. Started several, but nothing has sucked me in.

What am I obsessing about?
Historical Romance Retreat in Spokane. Worried about finding shoes. I spend my life in flip flops or tennis shoes. I do like boots, but they aren't that easy to find either. 

What am I learning?
Math. I am doing Khan Academy and hanging out around 75% done with the 4th grade level. I am actually digging place value and rounding. Multi digit division  . . . not so much. Bring out the calculator. 

What song is stuck in my head?
The Ship Song. Seriously all the versions. The original by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is moody. Concrete Blonde's version is passionate with their signature darkness. The Ship Song Project by various artists is epic. Amazing that a song can be interpreted in so many ways, and work. I think the writing in songs should get more credit. 

Something new I tried this week.
Caper Salsa Verde. Oddly delicious. Vegetarian. I didn't even know this was a thing until this week. When I was looking at online recipes,  I saw that many include anchovies.  Our recipe was vegetarian. 

Smile of the week from Oh My Disney.

What have you been up to? What are you obsessing about? Any awesome audio-books recommendations?