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Interview with Bastien from The Rogue Pirate's Bride

I am thrilled to welcome Shana Galen to Intrigue and Delight today as part of her blog tour for The Rogue Pirate's Bride. Shana is the author of numerous historical romances as well as two contemporary romances under the name Shane Bolks. The Rogue Pirate's Bride is the final chapter in the Sons of the Revolution series, and it is a tale that takes the reader on a high sea adventure filled with danger, intrigue and romance.

Shana is doing a lot of blogs, and if you have been following the tour, then you know she has answered every question under the sun. If you haven't followed the tour then the links for all the interviews are on her website, and you can catch up. So, for a change of pace we thought it would be fun to ask her character Bastien some burning questions about things that Pirates hold dear. So, without further ado lets get to know Sebastian Harcourt the Captain of the Shadow, and what he think about some old pirate standards.

Welcome to Intrigue and Delight, and thank you for answering a few questions today.
Merci, Gayle. I’m honored to appear on your blog today.

Who is your favorite cinematic pirate?
I’m a traditionalist, and I favor Errol Flynn. Flynn plays the classic pirate—strong, virile, courageous. In fact, he was probably actually playing a privateer.

Do you have a favorite literary pirate?
Would it be arrogant if I listed myself?
Raeven says it would. In that case, I’d have to say my mentor, Vargas. Shana Galen writes about him in The Charming Rogue Pirate’s Privateer’s Bride. Vargas taught me everything I know about sailing and was like a father to me. I lost my own father to the guillotine during the revolution. That’s why when Jourdain murdered Vargas, I had to have revenge. 

The best thing about being a pirate?
You mean, privateer? Freedom. As a privateer, I can go anywhere I want. I’ve sailed all over the world and seen extraordinary sights.

The worst thing about being a pirate?
I don’t know the worst thing about being a pirate. I imagine the worst thing about being a privateer is that I’m always looking over my shoulder. A sixty-four gun British man-of-war can appear in the blink of an eye, and I have to be ready to fight or run. There’s no relaxing when you’re a privateer.

How do you feel about rum?
We have a close, personal relationship. In fact, ever since I met Raeven Russell, rum and I have been best friends. She has that effect on people.

They prevent scurvy and are essential to seafaring life.

Can’t stand them. They squawk incessantly and dirty the decks.

Does it offended you to be called a Pirate, when your really are a Privateer?
Gayle, I am so glad you mentioned this. Yes! There is a difference between pirates and privateers. I have a letter of marque from Spain, which authorizes me to board enemy vessels legitimately. A privateer is acting lawfully when he plunders. He’s like a legitimate pirate. Wait, that’s not quite what I meant.

Do you know any Pirate Jokes?
One, but I am not good at telling jokes. Still, if I must…
What did the pirate pay for his ear piercing?
A Buccaner (buck-an-ear)

Pirate Haiku?
Pirate what?

Would you rather have a pegged leg or a hook?
Pegged leg. I need my hands. Ask Raeven.

Walk the plank or keel hauled?
Walk the plank. Keel hauling is barbaric. I’ve never authorized it as a punishment. If a man is a good leader, he can control his men without resorting to such tactics.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and answering my questions.
Gayle, merci beaucoup for having me today. I’m intrigued and delighted by your blog.


Shana Galen is the author of numerous fast-paced adventurous Regency historical romances, including the Rita-nominated Blackthorne’s Bride. Her books have been sold worldwide, including Japan, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Turkey, and the Netherlands, and have been featured in the Rhapsody and Doubleday Book Clubs. A former English teacher in Houston’s inner city, Shana now writes full time. She’s a wife, a mother, and an expert multi-tasker. She loves to hear from readers: visit her website at or see what she’s up to daily on Facebook and Twitter.

Comment below by either asking Bastien a question, or adding a bit of Pirate trivia of your own to be entered into the random drawing. Pirate Haiku is always welcome. 

Shana Galen is giving away two copies of The Rogue Pirate's Bride.  This giveaway is open to all US/Canadian mailing addresses (no P.O. Boxes) and ends February 17th at 9 pm PST.  Please leave an e-mail so I can contact the winners.


  1. Thanks o much for having Bastien here today, Gayle! I'll be around all day to answer questions and read comments.

  2. Hi Bastien,

    Here's a bit of Pirate Trivia for you. Did you know that Anne Bonney and Mary Reid were pirates? Both of them escaped the death penalty because they were pregnant. Did you ever meet them in your travels? lol

    dpd333 (at) aol dot com

  3. Bastien, How far from home have you traveled in your Pirating?

    I live several hours north of Key West.... where the influence of Pirates is still noticable. There are alls sorts of shipwrecks off of the coast there and more than a few very old ones.

  4. Bastien, how as being a, privateer changed your life? Can't wait to read your story. Thanks.

    Sue P.

  5. I'll have to say that my knowledge of pirates before this blog is mostly just Pirates of Carribean and Johnny Depp... :) Sounds exciting...

  6. So Bastien, if you have any girls will you teach them how to sword fight and everything else necessary to make a good privateer?

  7. A privateer, like
    A rose, smells just as...sweet...with
    Other names. (Pirate.)

    Great interview! Don't enter me in the giveaway; I already have (and have read) (and loved) The Rogue Pirate's Bride.

  8. Hi Diane, Bastien says both of the ladies you mentioned were before his time. But he has immense respect for both of them and only wishes he had such an available excuse if he is ever captured.

  9. Betty, Bastien says he doesn't really have a home and the ocean is his home. He has been to Key West and found the weather quite to his liking, but the American Navy was not.

  10. Sue, Bastien says that it saved his life. if he'd remained in France during the Revolution he would have been executed. He loves the adventure and freedom available on the open seas.

  11. May, before I wrote Bastien's story, that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge too.

  12. Ora, Bastien says most decidedly not! If I were to have a daughter, I'd lock her up in a convent where she'd be safe from privateers. I find we can be a detrimental when it comes to a lady's chastity.

  13. Thank you, Theresa. I loved the pirate haiku. I think Bastien is still trying to figure out what haiku is.

  14. Does Bastien think women are unlucky aboard ship? Looking forward to reading this one!


  15. National Talk Like a Pirate Day originated in my home state of Oregon. Your book looks so good!


  16. Great interview! I enjoyed it. Do you have a ship?


  17. Catslady, that's a great question. Bastien says most naval men have that superstition, but he is far more enlightened. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. So that's where it started, Robin. I wonder why Oregon? It's not known for pirates, or is there something I don't know?

  19. BN100, Bastien is the captain of an eighteen-gun sloop named Shadow.

  20. Gayle, thank you so much for hosting Bastien. We had a lovely time and hope to be back soon. I'll try to stop by again later in the week. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway!

  21. OMG!!! this book sounds wonderful. I read the first two and loved them!

    How does Bastien feel about finding the rest of his family?

  22. Renee, Bastien was definitely overwhelmed with happiness. He never thought he'd see them again, and all of a sudden he's not alone in the world. He has nieces and nephews and his mother back.

  23. Fun interview! [batting my eyelashes at Sebastian]
    You said you enjoy Errol Flynn as your fave cinematic privateer ... which of his cinematic characters do you see yourself most resembling? ; )

  24. Oh, forgot my email ... wouldn't want Sebastian to have trouble reaching me. [sigh]

  25. Thanks for stopping by Amy. I love your blog. Great pictures.

  26. Thank you Shana for sharing Bastien with us. I would also like to thank everyone who left a comment.


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