Monday, March 19, 2012

Bird - A true story

On a very windy day this winter
 a little bird hit the sliding glass door 
with a thud. 
 He sat on the deck and the 
wind kept blowing him over, 
and he couldn't stand up.
I found a basket 
and gently nudged him in to it,
 and set it in a place
where he could recover.
The best place 
was inside the dog house, 
and protected from the wind 
he gathered his wits 
and was able to
 fly away.

Picture taken by Alora


  1. Wow, was it that pretty little green bird? What kind of bird is that? It's beautiful.
    Nice post, Gayle. I have that happen on my sliding glass doors and then I worry like crazy, hoping it won't die. Sometimes, they're just stunned but sometimes, I think it's concussion. : (

    1. Amy, to the best of my knowledge that is a Finch. They look a lot more yellow usually, but I think that he was fluffed up so he does look green.

  2. What a beautiful bird. Your post made me smile, Gayle. You are a good person.


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