Monday, July 30, 2012

Frame a T -Shirt

I have been saving a piece of a t-shirt, from when my daughter was a toddler. She is ten now, so I have had that piece of t-shirt for a long time. It was too cute to throw out, and because of stains it wasn't something that I could give to someone else. So, I cut the center piece out of the t-shirt and tossed it in the sewing box. Was my plan to scrapbook it? Or make a quilt? Both of those tasks would require me to become either a person organized enough to scrapbook or a person dedicated enough to quilt. Instead I chose a different path and left the piece of t-shirt in the sewing box, where it was often admired but never used. 

Piece of t-shirt.

Never used, until the other day when the spirit of cleaning hit me and I came across the piece of t-shirt. By chance, I had also found a small frame that was missing the glass. Move over spirit of cleaning, the spirit of creativity would not be denied.  

Frame without glass.

1. Cut the piece of shirt to a size that is slightly larger than the back of the frame.

2. Cut a piece of flat batting, slightly smaller than the back of the frame. 
3.  Put the batting on the front facing side of the back of the frame.
                  4.  Put the fabric face down, and put the back side of the frame with batting on top of it.
5. Then using common household tape, I taped the edge of the t-shirt to the back of the frame.  Using tape instead of a glue gun, made it a kid friendly craft

There you have it, a low tech craft, that is cute and safe for a kids room. If you don't have batting, you can use another layer cut from the t-shirt itself, to give the image more lift. The batting I used was from the padding of an ironing board cover.

Re-cycling t-shirts seem to be very popular trend. I have used the arms of t-shirts to make head bands, a toddler t-shirt to cover a travel pillow and fairy wings. Do you have something you have done or plan to do with an old t-shirts?


  1. This looks so easy, I might be able to do it. Very cute, too.

  2. Good Job!! I really like that!

  3. Oh my God, I can't believe how nice that came out! I love the pink shirt with the green frame too! It's amazing what a little tape can do...


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