Monday, October 17, 2011

Magical Mail

I have had another fun filled month of new books arriving almost by magic in my mail box.  Earlier this month, I won Theresa Romain's debut historical novel Season for Temptation from the Vauxhall Vixens during her blog tour. That was a terrific surprise, as I had been following Theresa's journey as a new author on Facebook, Twitter and her blog. I was actual nervous about reading this book, because I had started to get to know Theresa on Twitter, and was concerned that her regency heroine might be packing a light saber and raising a clutch of baby kraken in her rose garden.(Is clutch the proper word for a group of baby kraken? I'll have to ask Theresa as she is somewhat of an expert.) Well, my worries were unfounded as Season for Temptation is a charming tale, with fun characters caught up in an awkward love triangle and nary a kraken in sight. 

Then today, Awakened by a Kiss arrived in the mail from Lila DiPasqua which I had won on her blog. I am excited to read Awakened by a Kiss, because first of all I haven't read any of Lila's books yet, and secondly they are based on Fairy tales. Sounds lovely doesn't it? Did I mention that they were Fiery Tales and reported to be steamy? Now I have your attention, don't I? (How steamy I wonder? Well, I'll just have to read them and find out.) Lila also sent me many bookmarks, and excerpts from her books as well as other authors, which was a wonderful surprise. A little tidbit about Lila DiPasqua is that she has been very close to Gerald Butler. Yes, that Gerald Butler - don't be jealous they were well supervised. Also Lila's husband Mr.D is a frequent guest interviewer on her blog, and has had some very funny interviews with various romance writers husbands. Lila also has a newer book out A Midnight Dance that is getting fabulous reviews.

Both Lila DiPasqua and Theresa Romain have very entertaining blogs and I have posted links to those under Merry Mix of Blogs.

Thanks to both of them for keeping the magic in my mail box. Have you found any magic in your mail box lately? 


  1. Wow! Don't you love it when books just arrive by "magic"? It's so wonderful to have a pile of books waiting to be read. I haven't read Lila's yet, but I'm looking forward to it and am interested to see what you think of it.
    Maybe if I wish hard enough something will show up in my mailbox. :)

  2. Hey Gayle,
    you won our Kieran Kramer giveaway at and the email I sent you bounced back. Can you please email me at
    thebookloversinc @ gmail . com ?
    Thank you and congrats!


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