Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review of Vanessa Kelly's Mastering the Marquess

How did I find Vanessa Kelly's book? I'm trying to recall, but the only thing I can remember is that I read her blog when Angie Fox was guest blogging and I won a book from Angie Fox. Winning always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, so I added Vanessa Kelly to my TBR list.Yes,I have a real TBR list in notes on my FB page.

Mastering the Marquess is such an enjoyable read, that I hope I can do it justice in a review. It is fast paced story, with complex characters caught up in the midst of family intrigue and strong passions. (Yes, there is intrigue and passion.) It is the story of Meredith and her younger sister Annabel who are thrown into the social whirl of London's season, unprepared for the complexity, and cattiness of the ton. Meredith already has trouble looking on the bright side of things and she suffers the most from the casual cruelty of the social elite. The hero is Lord Silverton who is attracted to Meredith despite their social standings. Vanessa Kelly does a masterful job of keeping the reader in doubt, as to the whether the couple will reach the expected happily ever after.(Will they?) Besides a likeable leading couple, there is a cast of lovely side characters who add their own quirks and make the tale even more enjoyable.

The most convincing recommendation that I can give is that I immediately bought the next book Sex and the Single Earl. Who was the last author that you bought their books back to back?

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