Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Up the Downside

Well, today had it's moments. Some downs and some up. The downs aren't worth mentioning, because the ups are so awesome. I walked down to the mail and found not one, but two packages of books that I had won in the month of August. What? Yes, that's right two books. The first one LORD AND LADY SPY was from the talented and self effacing Shana Galen.

Not only had she sent me LORD AND LADY SPY, but she also sent me A ROMANCE SAMPLER which is a collection of excerpts from a variety of romance writers only two of whom I have read. Oddly enough the two that I have read are Shana Galen and Vanessa Kelly. Why is that odd.? It's odd because they are the only two authors that I have reviewed on this blog. Shana also included book marks, and her darling Baby Galen had put a kitty sticker on the envelope. Isn't that sweet. I was over the moon, and as soon as I am done with this I am off to read LORD AND LADY SPY

How nice you say, and I say . . . wait that's not all. I also had a package from Angie Fox . I won her book THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER when she was a guest on Vanessa Kelly's blog a few weeks ago.Yes, the same Vanessa Kelly who is the only other author that I have reviewed on this blog. We played a game that generated our biker witch name, and entered it to win a book by Angie Fox. It arrived with fun romance trading cards, and looks like are very interesting book. The biker witch name game is on Angie Fox's website and more information about her books as well. My biker witch name is Looney Libby Flat Foot, which seems to fit, though after today I might just have to add Lucky to it.

Check out Shana Galen's , Vanessa Kelly's and Angie Fox's websites. Have you been lucky lately? I'd love to hear about it.

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