Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life lessons from Rory Joplin Egglehoff

Men I've Dated

"This isn't just Star Wars stuff." I give her a stern look."This a life strategy. This is a relationship metaphor, so pay attention." -Rory
Jedi Knight
 "A Jedi Knight, like a knight in a fairy tale, is wise and brave and good. He is strong and powerful with fathoms of depth. Definite boyfriend material." -Rory
"A Wookiee appears to be a Jedi at the beginning of your relationship, but pretty soon his light saber is gone and you are stuck with a lot of hair and grunting." -Rory
Princess Leia
And for just one moment, Princess Leia's pose and beauty flowed into me, and it was a cool confident Rory striding down the catwalk. -Rory
In my opinion, there are three truly great philosophers: Aristotle, Confucius, and Yoda. -Rory
Darth Vader
 If I were Princess Leia, I'd never let the Dark Side win. I'd fight for the forces of good to the bitterest end. -Rory

Rory is obsessed with Star Wars, and it defines her relationships with those around her. Most of us probably don't go that far, or at least won't admit it.
But I am going to go with the assumption that everyone has an obsession that might be considered a little geeky. Mine is RPG computer games such as Baldurs Gate and Dragon Age Origins. I also have an odd fascination with the green aliens from Toy Story. Feel free to share your geeky obsession here. Ewoks are welcome.


  1. Mine is Star Wars! I'm sure you've guessed that by now. But I found a way to turn my obsession into something I could write about and think about hours and hours each day while getting paid. Yes!!!

  2. Fun post! Shana, I can see that your contemporary alter ego is as much fun as your historical one. :)

    My most obsessive geeky obsession is silent film, but, oh, there are so many others. Star Wars? Yes! Star Trek? Love that too, especially TNG. Harry Potter? Mischief managed. And of course LOTR, which taught me the word "elevenses."

    The first year Mr. R and I were married, we even hosted a D&D group weekly. I usually played a half-elf rogue with 12 fingers: low charisma, but quite the lock-picker.

  3. What an adorable post! My geeky obsession is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I still watch the episodes on DVDs, but I wasn't as badly affected as my sister who was the President of one of the NYC Buffy fan clubs.

  4. Shana, Theresa and Sharon thanks for stopping by and sharing your inner geek.

  5. My geeky obsession is with Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife, the one who caused the religious reformation, the catalyst for the creation of the Church of England, England's break with the Pope, gave birth to Queen Elizabeth I, and STILL got her head cut off.


  6. Susie- That is very interesting obsession. Do you write about her? I've been to the Tower of London and I remember thinking about her while I was there, and how truly unfair it was that she had to pay such a price.

  7. I don't know the difference between star wars & star trek. They all look the same to me. But I understand your obsession. We all have them.
    I can never have enough material or books. I love my craft/sewing room. And I can never have too much stuff in there. If I see a material that I love, I buy it whether I have something in mind for it or not. I just love having it.
    I have not read a book book for some time. I am all kindle and audio these days. But I will love buying and occasionally, winning them. I love having them. Seeing them and having choices. Books. And material.
    Is that geeky enough?


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